Behind the Designer Lens

    2016-07-29 15:23:26

    Oh what a lovely day we've had - welcome behind-the-scenes of our latest Pappe shoot! 

    Christmas came early for these dapper little humans in a scene parents everywhere will find familiar - tears among the toys and our models going mad over luxury Pappe gift boxes (and ignoring the clothes inside).


    “He’s very big on buttons at the moment. Loves undoing buttons,” said one mum as she endeavoured to get her son dressed, “you’d better do it fast before he figures these ones out!”

    All of the Pappe crew worked quickly to capture the best moments. Barely aware of the cameras for all the toys, the kids struck pose after accidental pose. They were as natural and comfortable as their Pappe outfits, rolling around the studio floors and putting their organic bodysuits and designer bloomers through the ultimate endurance test. “One starts crying, they all start,” said one proud mum ruefully when cries broke out in one corner. But the same is true of laughter, and the kids were easy to please.


    When the Christmas tree and silver baubles came out tears faded and shiny things. The props proved a special hit on camera and off – eucalyptus branches and silver baubles helped the Pappe posse pose like champs – but all hearts belonged to a certain green truck...  


    “Please put it down.”
    “Come on now-“

     “Is there anything cuter than a baby in suspenders?” gushed production assistant Gemma. “I didn’t know that was a thing! Do I know any babies I can buy the Huckleberry Braces for?”



    This little lady was completely besotted with this bauble, and wouldn’t be parted with it. But our photographer knew how to make the most of it, snapping shot after gorgeous shot while her subject played. “It’s easiest when they distracted,” she explained to much general nodding.  Never were truer words spoken. 


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