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    2018-09-20 15:29:35

    Soft, luxurious, refined, enduring, youthful and charming.

    Pappe was established with the objective to embody all of these details and complexities.

    Beginning with rough pencil sketches, swatches of handpicked fabrics from around the world and historical images of children in Paris from the 1960’s, Pappe started its journey from conception to production.

    Collage Board


    Original Moodboard


    Naming Workshop

    Naming workshop….sticky note overload.

    Pappe Design Studio

    Our new design studio in Collingwood.

    We fell in love with the quality, texture and uniqueness of fabrics, such as our Japanese light denim, our hand spun, Scottish tweed and 100% organic, soft Turkish cotton. We designed a pure, multi coloured Speckle wool blend specifically for our Newborn Cashmere Cardigans, and tested the best luxury cotton/wool blends.

    Cashmere Cardigan




    It’s all in the details, and we love creating clothes that are not only beautiful, but luxurious, functional and long lasting.


    Welcome to the world of Pappe.

    Hero Shot


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