Quality Standards and Testing

    Pappe is committed to providing exceptional quality garments with creativity and skill. To achieve this we employ our own quality assurance manager and test all of our products internally and also at an independent premium testing facility here in Australia.

    Rigorous Testing includes:-  

    • Fabric stability and durability
    • Shrinkage and spirality
    • Pilling
    • Rub fastness
    • Colorfastness to washing
    • Visual appearance after laundering

     But this is all boring stuff really. The real test comes when we test our garments in the real world- with children.

    If it can’t handle a pureed vegie explosion at dinner or a tree climb that ends up in the mud and then be thrown in the washing machine time and time again then its not Pappe.

    The directors, management and staff are responsible for ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the design and production processes. Whilst the process is long and meticulous it is an essential part of the Pappe recipe.

    Best construction methods and practices for each garment are assessed, fabrics, trims and accessories are all tested to industry standards to ensure not only the best quality garments are created but also they are safe for the use on infants and young children. Pappe ensure high-risk areas such as studs, buttons, eyelets etc. are tested and documented continuously throughout the production process.

    Pappe uses a military standard AQL 2.5 table when inspecting all products. 

    Pappe continually reviews and updates where necessary, the testing and inspecting procedures to stay abreast of changes to the global standards on safety requirements, manufacturing processes and systems.

    All of our Vendors are audited to ensure that they meet all Ethical Industry Standard requirements and meet an Industry standard Code of Conduct to ensure no human or environmental risks are taken.

    Pappe is committed to continually improve and maintain its high standards for safety and peace of mind for our customers. Our clothes are designed with love, and embrace the individuality of your child and the adventure of childhood. 

    Pappe. For young things.